Termites Treatment & Control

Termites appear almost unexpectedly and are certainly unwelcome to our beautiful homes or property. There are three types of termite but most damaging is the SUBTERRANEAN termite which comes through the soil.

Termites feed on cellulose (building block of wood), but in the process of looking for cellulose, they would chew a path for themselves, hence damaging whatever that may be their path, like electrical wiring for example.

The smallest crack of 1/16th of an inch of cement walls or floorings would be large enough for an army of termites to pass through. The damage caused by termites include door and window frames, wood panelling, floor parquets, cupboards, books, roof beams and joints. If left untreated, all wooden structures and support will be weakened and will eventually lead to collapse of the whole house.

Hence through protection using an effective chemical recommended by APC’s anti termite treatment plan with our competitive cost and effective techniques with dedicated technicians and their expertise is extremely important to ensure the complete exclusion of termites.

Useful methods and chemicals that can bind to the Nicotingeric acetycloline receptors at the nervous systems of termite lead to the paralysis and eventual death of the termite.

Termites are small creatures that come unexpectedly and they are certainly not welcome to our beautiful homes. All types of termites come through the soil to the house. They pass through small cracks on the walls and they damage almost everything they come across. They destroy all wooden structures in the house including doors, cabinets, cupboards, roof beams, window frames and window panels.

All wooden structures in the house should be treated with a recommended chemical to protect them from termites. At Alliance Pest Control, we offer effective techniques to treat and get rid of termites. Termite bait is used to draw termites to one area for easy and controllable treatment.

APC encourages people to treat the soil at the base when building a foundation of their house or building. This treatment creates a chemical barrier that prevents the entrance of termites in the building. Termite control Malaysia by APC helps people treat and control termite infestation in their houses. Termite control Malaysia price at APC is affordable so many people can get their houses protected from termites.