Soil Treatment (Pre-Construction)

APC’s anti-termite soil treatmentshall follow strictly in accordance to established codes that is recognised in Australian Standard Code of recommendation practice for soil treatment for protection of buildings against subterranean termites (AS 2057).

  • The treatment is specifically to be carried out at the structural foundation of the buildings. It will be done when the whole sub-floor area is readily accessible and there is little chance of subsequent soil disturbance. In general, this shall be immediately done after the laying of concrete to footings, and before the laying of concrete to floor slab and apron. The purpose is to create chemical barriers to the building foundation to prevent the entrance of new colonies of termites into the building from the ground.

    APC’s anti-termite treatment techniques enhance your benefits as it:

  • Protects your investment or property even before it is build
  • Is powerfully effective against termites and ants
  • Creates an impenetrable insecticidal barrier around and under the building’s foundation
  • Is harmless to greenery when applied as directed
  • Remains potent in the soil for at least 5 years with research analysis from the manufacturer