About Pest Control

Why do we need pest control?

Demand towards pest control treatment has been increasing over the past years. In general, Malaysians are becoming more aware of health and hygiene issues in living and working environments. People are beginning to realise that pests existing in our environment can spread many types of diseases to humans. For example, there is the JE virus in Malaysia transmitted by mosquitoes; Avian Influenza in Hong Kong and China spread by birds; Leptospirosis disease transmitted via rat urine in Thailand and etc.

Contagions such as termites, rats and ants have reportedly destroyed property worth billions of dollars globally. It is estimated that more than 20 million US dollars’ worth of resources is destroyed annually by termites in the USA alone. Malaysia’s humid climate provides a conducive habitat for termites to grow, hence increasing the likelihood of termite infestation. In the last decade, the application of Pre-construction Anti Termite Soil Treatment before erecting buildings has yielded significant benefits to property owners. This has also become a common recommendation by architects and quantity surveyors as a part of the preliminary procedure when preparing for tenders.

The importance of pest control is particularly prominent for restaurant managers, food traders and hospitality operators in which it improves the overall cleanliness and sanitation of premises and projects a more desirable image to customers.