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Your co-operation plays a very important role to win over years of pest infestation. The more complete the help you provide, the quicker the infestation problem will be further reduced and be under control by you eventually.

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DETER 7 Action Steps before and after the next scheduled pest control service date:

  • 1.Manage Team Work

    This long term battle against pest needs good team work management. Create an assigned routine in pest control to do list to complement pest control product and services carried out by Alliance Pest Control Sdn Bhd. Preferably get each staff to take turns to do this so that it can become a winning team to reduce and eradicate pest infestation.

    Manager to lead by example. Manage and monitor each assigned staff to carry the in house pest control role and responsibility well.

  • 2.Remove Pest Harborage Object And Food Source

    German cockroach loves to live in carton boxes. One of the good habit to cultivate among staffs is to remove unwanted carton box away daily. Throw them away or keep them in an isolated room to eradicate pest habitation.

  • 3.Disinfect Floor & Sofa

    Vacuum and mop, before and after opening hours to eliminate food residual and stain. This prevents pest from feeding on food residual and inhabiting your area. Spot any German cockroach and rat nesting areas. Destroy and disinfect these formal nesting area.

  • 4.Educate

    Manager and Pest Control staff to share and collaborate information to prevent and eradicate pests. Affirm existing staff who fulfill in-house pest control roles well. Educate new staff to do the same.

    Identify new wall cracks, cabinet gaps and gaps around pipes that German cockroaches use as harborage.Get pest control operator to fill the cracks and gaps to destroy them upon contact. Observe any new places with pest droppings. Removed the pest droppings and wash the surface with disinfectant.

  • 5.Take Photo

    Take photo for each inhouse pest control work done as records for manager to monitor and evaluate their effectiveness.

  • 6.Eradicate

    Destroy any visible German cockroach that shows up in front of you. Do not allow live cockroach to escape from your sight.

  • 7.Rotate

    Assigned staff to rotate tissue paper, table napkins, and paper towels store inside cabinets on a weekly basis. Rotating of items create disturbance movement to prevent cockroach or rats to build nest and home the young. Rotate equipments that are not operated regularly to prevent them becoming pest harborage space.