Green Pest Management


Alliance Pest control company is one of the best companies in Malaysia that offers pest control services. We offer all pest control services in Malaysia and its environs. Our experience, reputation, quality services, reliability, and affordability, has seen us gain fame in the region.

The following are some of the pest control services we offer.

Cockroach control

We offer cockroach control services in Malaysia and its environs. We have all the equipment and pesticides used to treat cockroaches. Anytime you want to control cockroaches in your home, engage us and we will always ensure that your home is free from cockroaches.

Mosquito fogging

Mosquito fogging in Malaysia happens once in while. At such moments, you will really need our services. Our able team has brilliant skills on how to control mosquitos fully. Choosing our company will see you free from mosquitos in your residential area or any other place.

Rat control

Rats can be disturbing and disastrous. We offer rat control services in Malaysia and its environs. With our reliable experience, we can fully help you control rats in both residential and commercial areas.

Anytime you think of controlling the above pests or any other disastrous pest, contact us and be sure to fully control any type of pests. We offer services at a pocket-friendly price as per Malaysia price policy.

Understanding Pest Behavior And Intergrated Green Pest Management

Pest And Human Behavior

German cockroach and rats are known to be among the most difficult pests to be rid of from your restaurant. It all begins when human has overlooked their introduction, tracking pest trail movement from suppliers’ food carton box and next door restaurant. Without any disturbance by human, they started making your kitchen and dinning area as their permanent home. They then multiply in great numbers when overnight food residuals in the kitchen and dinning area are allowed to become easily available daily.

Non-Toxic And Pesticide Resistant Solutions

Alliance Pest Control Sdn Bhd utilizes earth-friendly, non-poisonous food raw material such as plant based essential oil to destroy insects upon contact. They are safe to use in food preparation areas, around people and pets. This solution mechanically remove insect waxy protective layer to dehydrate the body upon contacted with the product. As such there is no known resistance to this pest control mode. White pepper is processed into food grade grease to destroy German cockroach and as well as to repel rats upon contact. Other active ingredient such as boric acid which is commonly use as food enhancer is formulated in the form of bait to kill roaches.

How Can Pest Control Service Help?

Long term battle against pest infestation in your restaurant require a schedule monitoring and product application by pest control company. The pest control activity schedule need to be intensify in the beginning stage where pest infestation has been left unchecked for a long period of time. The pest control schedule activity will be reduced to preventive measure program eventually when pest infestation level has been under control.